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Why Florida Bible College

I recently read an article about a University of Virginia survey in which graduates were asked what type of education they would recommend to new students considering the careers they currently represented. Ninety-one percent of them answered that they would pursue a liberal arts degree. It should not surprise us that this would be the answer from a secular school.

Then the article stated the University of Virginia discussed what they thought were the key skills any person should gain out of their college education. Here is what they concluded:

  1. Communication Skills - the ability to communicate well.
  2. Interpersonal Skills - the ability to interact with people at a meaningful level and learn how to work alongside others.
  3. Critical Thinking Skills - the ability to assess, analyze, and correlate information to come up with problem solving solutions.

These are, without doubt, key skills you want to learn in college. It really isn't important that you learn a particular strategy on making money (how to make a living), but it is much more important in these college years of a person's life that students learn how to communicate well, how to work with people, and how to think analytically (in other words, how to really live).

From an educational point of view, these are three goals of Florida Bible College, but not the three goals of the college. These and all goals must be founded on sound Bible doctrine with correct theological understanding. The education is to be Bible and Christ centered.

Perhaps a simplified way to understand this is the education received from Florida Bible College would equip students to be:

  • Theological - Knowing the Word of God correctly and loving the Lord with their mind.
  • Applicational - Integrating God's Word into their thought, talk, and walk as a believer in Christ and living for the Lord from the inside out with all their heart.
  • Relational - Caring for others by taking the Gospel and God's Word clearly into every person's world and loving their neighbors as they do the Lord.

It is our intimacy with the Lord through an accurate understanding and application of God's Word that fuels our outreach for the Lord. As the student goes deeper into the Word, it is likely they will go wider for the Lord.

Can you imagine the uniqueness of Florida Bible College?

A Bible college that has a theologically sound faculty and staff with a healthy balance of inward, upward, and outward commitment to modeling a Christ-like lifestyle while teaching and mentoring the next  generation of servants/leaders? Academically and spiritually living and learning to grow with the students!

  • A student body being taught how to effectively engage the secular culture locally and globally with apologetics and with the gospel being presented correctly, clearly, courageously, compassionately, consistently, concisely, and cheerfully? Helping unsaved people come to faith alone in Christ and then teaching them how to grow in grace to become fully obedient worshippers of God!
  • A campus with all the necessary facilities and resources through which a sound and thorough biblical education will be provided? An educational and ministry center that is safe, secure, and advanced to support the spiritual, physical, relational, intellectual, and theological development of the Florida Bible College Family!
  • So we could talk about our commitment to Christ, to the clarity of the gospel, to one-on-one discipleship, to understanding the difference between a secular and Christian worldview, sending the students into the mission fields of the world; we could talk about ministry skills in them, making them a truly educated person; we could talk about excellence in everything we do. But the deepest core value of this institution is the authority of the Word of God, because the basis of all truth is the life-changing agency of the Godhead.

With all of my heart and soul, I truly believe what we are endeavoring to do at Florida Bible College is to bring together what real education is, teaching people the kind of skills that make them effective in the world, using the Word of God as the very foundation. If that is the kind of education you want students to have, then Florida Bible College is the best place to support, and we can commend it unhesitatingly to you!

Dr. Stan Ponz

Our Distinctives


The true child of God is not under the Law but under grace; he is saved by grace and disciplined by grace.


Man is saved by undeserved mercy through faith, and nothing of man enters into his salvation; it is a free gift. Man's efforts, regardless of how good or well intended, before or after salvation, have nothing to do with it. Salvation is by the finished work of Christ and nothing can be added to it. Every true child of God possesses eternal life and is, therefore, safe and secure for all eternity, being justified by faith, sanctified by God, and sealed by the Holy Spirit; he cannot lose his salvation. Salvation is not the result of what we do, but is by receiving what God has done for us. Man can be certain of his salvation now, and his salvation cannot be lost because eternal life is eternal.


It is every Christian's privilege and duty to make clear God's plan of salvation wherever and in whatever vocation he or she may be.


It is a tragedy that many Christians live shallow Christian lives. FBC is dedicated to the task of training Christian men and women in the importance of total dedication and making Jesus the Lord of their lives, not to be saved, but because they are saved.

Our Purpose

Florida Bible College continues to mature believers in Jesus Christ into fully-committed, biblically grace-oriented, knowledgeable, articulate, balanced, evangelistic disciples who are faithful, competent, and effective in serving as the hands and feet and voice of Jesus in the world ,and in His church.
Since its inception in 1962, Florida Bible College has been committed to offering comprehensive education in the Bible for those who know Jesus Christ as Savior and want to serve Him.
Our salvation begins with the grace of God through the clear and simple message of everlasting life by grace alone, through faith alone, in Christ alone, for the glory of God alone (Ephesians 2:8-9). It is by this same grace that, as God's workmanship, we are being refined into His image as mature disciples (Ephesians 2:10).
We are called to live in the wonderful grace and liberty in Christ, for it is in this environment of freedom that we are designed to flourish.  The fruitful and victorious life of a mature disciple of Jesus Christ is not achieved or characterized by a strict adherence to a legalistic moral code or by the avoidance of a lengthy litany of prohibited behaviors. 
Regardless of how He gifts us, or in what capacity He chooses to use us, by His grace we can be diligent students of His Word, and faithful evangels to the world.  Florida Bible College can equip you to be an effective communicator who can share the faith in such a way that those you teach will be able to teach others. "You therefore, my son, be strong in the grace that is in Christ Jesus. And the things that you have heard from me among many witnesses, commit these to faithful men who will be able to teach others also." (2 Timothy 2:1, 2)

Our Mission

The mission of Florida Bible College is to equip students for a life of lasting commitment to Jesus Christ, biblical faithfulness, moral integrity, intellectual development and lasting contribution to God's mission today.

Having first received everlasting life by faith alone in Christ alone ...

Commitment to Christ, is evidenced by:

  • Recognition of Jesus Christ as Lord
  • Wholehearted and genuine worship of God
  • Pursuit of Christ-likeness in thought, attitude, word, and action

Biblical Faithfulness, as evidenced by:

  • Devotion to the study and application of the Scriptures
  • Willingness and ability to proclaim, teach, and defend the authority, inerrancy, and sufficiency of the Scriptures
  • A life yielded to the Holy Spirit

Moral Integrity, as evidenced by:

  • The cultivation of holiness through God's grace and self-examination
  • Wise use of time, abilities and resources
  • A lifetime of wholesomeness and moderation that regards the body as the temple of the Holy Spirit
  • A lifestyle of honesty, decency and civility toward all persons
  • The practice of biblically confronting and restoring disobedient believers

Intellectual Development, as evidenced by:

  • The desire and ability for inquiry into the great issues of life
  • A habit of careful analysis and evaluation of information and ideas
  • A grasp of the full range of disciplines comprising biblical education, leading to:
    • an appreciation and respect for God's Word (historically, scientifically, exegetically, and applicably)
    • an understanding of diverse cultures and human behavior
    • an increasing command of spoken and written languages
    • a working knowledge of a biblical worldview of human history

A Life of Lasting Contribution to God's mission today, as evidenced by:

  • A correct, clear, courageous, compassionate, and consistent proclamation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ
  • Developing disciple-makers
  • Supporting and building godly families
  • Service and leadership within the local church and world missions
  • A strong and biblically-motivated work ethic
  • An informed participation in our civic responsibilities
  • A commitment to life-long learning

Our Beliefs

Download our Statement of Faith

Florida Bible College Statement of Faith

  1. The Bible in its original documents is the inspired Word of God, the written record of His supernatural revelation of Himself to man, absolute in its authority, complete in its revelation, final in its content, and without error in its statements, and is sufficient for life and godliness.
  2. There is one God who eternally exists in three persons:  Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, coequal in power and glory, having precisely the same nature and attributes.
  3. The Lord Jesus Christ is fully God who took on flesh and dwelt on earth.  He was sinlessly perfect and gave Himself as a substitutionary sacrifice by shedding His blood and dying on the cross; He then rose from the dead.  This was to pay for all sins (past, present, and future) and everlasting life is given to all who believe in Him.
  4. God is absolutely sovereign and in His sovereignty gave man the ability to accept or reject the salvation that He has provided.  It is God's desire that all would be saved and that none should perish. God foreknows, but does not predetermine any man to be condemned.  God permits man's destiny to depend upon man's choice. 
  5. Each member of the human race is born fallen, sinful, and lost. The moment a person believes in Jesus Christ as his personal Savior immediately the Holy Spirit regenerates, indwells, baptizes into the Body of Christ, and seals him until the day of redemption. 
  6. Man is saved by undeserved mercy through faith, and nothing of man enters into his salvation; it is a free gift.  Man's efforts, regardless of how good or well intended, before or after salvation, have no meritorious value.  Salvation is based on the death and resurrection of Christ, and nothing can be added to it. 
  7. The Church began with the descent of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost and is composed of all believers.  By the Holy Spirit, we are all baptized into the one body of Christ.  Water baptism is not essential for salvation but is a testimony to the world.
  8. Every child of God possesses everlasting life and is, therefore, safe and secure for all eternity, being justified by faith, sanctified by God, and sealed by the Holy Spirit; he cannot lose his salvation.  However, a Christian can, through sin, lose his fellowship, joy, power, testimony, and reward, and incur the Father's chastisement.  Relationship is forever, being established by the new birth; fellowship, however, is dependent upon obedience.  
  9. A child of God has two births: one of the flesh, the other of the Spirit, giving man a flesh nature and a Spirit nature.  The flesh is neither good nor righteous.  The Spiritual man does not commit any sin.  This results in warfare between the Spirit and the flesh, which continues until physical death, or the return of the Lord.  The flesh of man does not change in any way with the new birth, but can be controlled and kept subdued by the new man.  
  10. There will be a resurrection of the saved and of the lost: of the saved unto everlasting life, and of the lost unto eternal conscious punishment.  These two resurrections are separated by at least 1,000 years.
  11. We believe in the personal, pre-tribulational, and pre-millennial return of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.  

  12. Satan is an actual being, the author of sin, and he and his angels shall be eternally punished. 

  13. God can heal, but physical healing is not in the atonement.  God heals miraculously today when it is His perfect will to do so.  Healing cannot be claimed through the guarantee of the atonement.  At times it is God's will for sickness not to be removed.  
  14. The sign gifts were a manifestation of the Holy Spirit's power solely for the demonstration of God's wisdom, purpose and power in the establishment of the early church. 

  15. The child of God is not under the Law but under Grace; he is saved by grace and disciplined by grace.
  16. The Greek word for repent is metanoeo, which, translated into English is: to change one's mind.

    Many teach repentance for salvation incorrectly, by including some form of human effort or righteousness, such as willingness to turn from sin, or turning from sin.  It adds works to salvation and causes many to not understand God's great gift.

  17. It is every Christian's privilege and duty to make clear God's plan of salvation wherever and in whatever vocation he or she may be. 

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